Participant’s registration for International Model United Nations (Model UN) extended until the 12th of November

IV International Model of UN of SPbSEU will be held in St.Petersburg from the 15 to 17th of November– annual event which is organized by science community ,counsel of SPbSEU’s students for Russian, CIS students ,schoolchildren and  graduate students.

This event represents intellectual game with modeling of real situations which happen on committee meeting of UN. General slogan of Model 2017 is “Joint efforts-from challenges to opportunities”

In this year participants will reconstruct work of  the next committee and have the discussion on topics:

-Security Council: "Opposition to the escalation of interreligious and interethnic conflict in Myanmar”

-UNIDO: "Creating and strengthening the productive capacity of the developing countries of Latin America on a resource-efficient technological base for sustained economic growth and macroeconomic stability".

-IMF: "Submission of tranche loans to states in a state of armed conflict"

“We can evaluate our time in different ways from the historical point of view. Let leave it for future generation. We know exactly one thing –we are living in the era of changing. We are inviting young and brave representatives of this era to became the participants of Model UN: to assume the role of representatives of the states, to solve the global problems of the international security, economical development and reservation of cultural heritage . How ready are young people to respond to the challenges of our time?”,-said Alexander Tsoy – the president of the Council of the SPbSEU’s students .

We are inviting student and city media of St. Petersburg to highlight this event! The 15th to 17th of November by the address: the embankment of the Griboedov Canal, 30-32.

Accreditation is necessary for visiting! The form for accreditation is in the application to the press release. To send the completed form to the mail:

More info about International UN’s model of SPbSEU:

Intellectual game “Model UN”  in St. Petersburg State University of Economics  has existed  since 2014. The game has become traditional since that time.  The purpose of the game is raising students' awareness of the most actual problems of the world community, fostering an active citizenship and forming their own opinions on the issues under discussion.

The following aims are set by the organizers:

- Teaching students the procedures and rules for decision-making.

- Training in the concept of individual model bodies.

- Promotion of legal literacy.                

- Development of professional leadership skills, art of negotiation and teamwork.

Every year students of leading universities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and universities of the near abroad become participants of the “UN’s model” of SPbSEU. Also, foreign students who study on exchange programs in Russia are invited to participate in the game.


Until  12th November 2017 - accepting participants’ applications

1-13 November - correspondence stage of the competition: interview participants, approval of the country

15-17 November - meetings of committees: formal and informal debates under the chairmanship of the committee.


Contact information

21, Sadovaya street,
191023 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Department of International Cooperation
+7 812 7105644