University's condolences due to the terrorist attack

St. Petersburg State University of Economics expresses sincere condolences to the victims and their relatives who suffered from terrorist attack on April 3 in the subway of St. Petersburg.

Terrorism knows no limits, it does not spare anybody and it is dangerous to everyone. This crime against civilians has been commited by those who have neither belief nor nationality. There are a lot of countries on different continents having suffered from rigid terrorist attacks. The aggression against our country and citizens can not be justified.

But, despite today's sorrow, we must resist ordeal intensively and, as a result, become even stronger against terrorism.

For centuries the country has been created as a powerful and independent country which has united the representatives of different nationalities.

We are sure that the unity of the Russian people and their strong will have to become the sufficient feedback to terrible actions of the terrorists and their accomplices who have commited a terrorist attack in our subway.

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