Workshop “Civil society and social identity formation”

The workshop was held on 11-12 of February 2020 in UNECON. Three sessions were organized to discuss forms of non-profit organizations and government interaction; socio-cultural profiles of social and national identity in Europe and Russia; role of civil society organizations in the EU and Russia in resolving social problems; role of professional communities in civil society development; civil society in migration and integration context. A plenary session and a panel discussion with representatives from HEIs, local authorities, professional unions, experts, eight NGOs were organized to provide a multilateral dialogue. Two lectures and a master-class for students were held to develop their knowledge and let them try to create a project on citizens' initiatives. They also participated in a quiz on EU issues provided by the Institute of Europe of the RAS and filled out a questionnaire on assessment of the state of civil society in Russia. The event united 205 participants.

There were UNECON students among participants of the quiz winner team named “Golden fish”: Anastasia Steshenko and Sofia Krygina from Э-1609 group. The runner-up team named “4,5” involved UNECON students as well: Maxim Lutovinov (ЗР-1804 group), Nadezhda Kulik (ЗР-1805 group) and Dmitry Milek (ЗР-1804 group).


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