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International student congress “We Are Different, But We Are Together”

The leading expert of the IAC UNECON Daria Petrenko participated in International student congress “We Are Different, But We Are Together”, organized on 5-8-th of November 2019 by St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics.

For three days, the participants listened to the opinions of experts, exchanged their experience and knowledge, participated in workshops and interactive sessions on the formation of a positive proactive position on issues of interethnic tolerance, the development of a culture of volunteering and charity among international students.

Daria Petrenko presented a report on “International professional activity and European projects as a factor of formation of a tolerant environment at the university” at the lecture room “Intercultural communications in professional activities”. In the framework of the report Daria shared experience of the IAC UNECON in implementation of Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Projects and emphasized the importance of such projects for intercultural dialogue and rising tolerance.  She also announced the events of a new project of the IAC UNECON on “Transformation of Identities in Modern Europe and Russia”. The participants expressed their interest and willingness to participate in mentioned events.


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