20 years of Russian-French bachelor program!

On October 15, 2015 in UNECON held celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the Russian-French Bachelor program in economics and management.

The program is successfully implemented in 1995 by the International Institute of Economics and Politics of UNECON together with Grenoble University of Pierre Mendes-France, and nowadays provides students with a unique opportunity to obtain a French diploma without departing from the basic studies. Thus, graduates have two state diplomas - Russian and European.

The celebration ceremony was attended by a delegation of leaders and professors from France, as well as the team from the Russian side. Welcomed the rector of UNECON Igor Maksimtsev. He noted that 20 years have passed, during which the program continues its successful work. Hundreds of graduates who have completed it, made a brilliant career in the Russian and foreign companies, many of them work at our university, make a significant contribution to the further development of this program.

During his speech, the Rector thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Embassy of France in Russia and the Consulate - St. Petersburg, which helped in the creation and implementation of the program and continue to support it. Igor Maksimtsev also thanked the University of Pierre Mendes-France.

President of University of Pierre-Mendes France Sebastien Bernard congratulated colleagues from UNECON.

"20 years - it is certainly a long time university cooperation, which demonstrates the strength, stability and mutual trust, and this kind of capital, based on which we can build the future - said Mr. Bernard. - In July, the Russian delegation visited Grenoble, and we have signed an agreement to extend implementation of the program. I am very pleased that this cooperation will continue, and many many more students will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and get a double diploma ". At the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Bernard said that he would like to realize a similar project in master's programs.

A special word of welcome expressed by the Consul General of France in St. Petersburg Tibault Fourier.

"Today's ceremony is very symbolic for several reasons. First of all, because it confirms the viability of the cooperation between the University of Pierre Mendes-France and UNECON. Today, this cooperation involves different subjects, not only the economy, but also the management, marketing, energy, tourism and innovation. I am also pleased to state that it is possible to develop cooperation is very important connections - connections between people, between the pedagogical teams, among students».

On the history of the program guests reminded President of UNECON Leonid Tarasevich, first signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Grenoble.

"I still remember the first time I visited the University of Grenoble and the friendly atmosphere, which turned out to be, - said Leonid Tarasevich. - By signing the cooperation agreement, we proceeded not only vocational training. I want to say thank you to those who started the program and with the French and the Russian side. Jacques Fontanel, Mark Bartoli - these are the people who stood at the origins of cooperation. And, of course, I need to mention the role of the students themselves."

Warm congratulations to the students, alumni and faculties said Director of MIEP and director of Russian-French Bachelor Program Natalia Burova. In her speech, she thanked the teachers who taught for twenty years in the program, putting hearts and souls in its development.

After the official part of the ceremony, warm greetings told participants of the program: Associate Professor Tatiana Vitman, Professor Alexander Slobodskoy, Professor Marc Bartoli, Dean of the Faculty of Economics University of Grenoble Alain Laurent and others.

The event ended with performances of students and graduates of the program. For example, graduate of the first year of the program Natalia Sushcheva said that "I never thought it would be possible to complete it successfully. As a result, this little French adventure turned into a great thing, which I am very proud. I met a lot of people that have had a significant influence on the formation of my world. And I am very grateful to everyone who has designed this program, teachers and students, with whom I studied. "

During the festive days, everyone could attend guest lectures in French and English by Mr. Jacques Fontanel on the theme: «Growing inequality of income and status as a factor of global danger» and Mr. Faruk Ulgen on the topic: "Systemic crisis of 2007-2008 and the state of Economics: Where do we stand and what could (should) we do?"

In the evening were awarded diplomas to the graduates of 2015, graduates from previous years, who become the guests of the event were able to meet, talk and remember the special times they lived through together, learning from the Russian-French bachelor program.

Then there was a presentation of the book "Russian-French bachelor program "Economics and Management": 20 years of success", prepared in two languages ​​and published in MIEP UNECON.



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