Anniversary international seminar-discussion “Past, present and future of financial science and education”

On September 13, 2019, an international scientific seminar dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the scientific activity of the Professor of the Department of Banking, Financial Markets and Insurance, Director of the Russian-German Center, the International Centre for Financial Markets Research on the theme: “Past, present and future of financial science and financial education” was held.

The theme of the seminar was not chosen by chance, as Tatyana Nikitina, having started her research career in the early 1990s, was at the origin of the formation of insurance and banking science, as well as the theory of financial markets and pensions.

Studying the experience of foreign countries, especially Germany, she published important works in the field of financial risk insurance, liability insurance, international banking supervision and regulation. As the banking and insurance sector developed and the banking regulation and supervision system improved, Professor Nikitina studied new financial products, including asset management, which are important for old age.  On her initiative, a master's program “Banks and Asset Management” was created, where the basics of private investment, investment in alternative types of assets, art, private companies were of great importance.  This programme is now called “Banks and Asset Management”.

Of great importance in Professor Nikitina's scientific life were the research internships held within the framework of the scholarship of the Federal Chancellor of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the University of Potsdam (Prof. Detlev Hummel), at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Prof. Uwe Schneider, Prof. Dirk Shirek), at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt on Main (Prof. Raymond Maurer). Extensive contacts with representatives of the German school of finance and banking became the basis for establishment of the International Centre for for Financial Markets Research in 2013. In welcoming speech, Elena Gorbashko, Vice-Rector for Research at St. Petersburg State University of Economics, noted the extraordinary energy and communication skills of Professor Nikitina, the interdisciplinary nature of her research work and proposed to include the International Center for Research on Current Financial Market Problems in the pilot project of St. Petersburg State University of Economics for Centres of Excellence.

Opening the event, Prof. I.A. Maximtsev, Rector of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, noted the high contribution of Prof. Nikitina to the establishment and strengthening of Russian-German relations in the field of science and education.

Since the establishment of the Russian-German Center under the direction of Nikitina T. in 2002, our university has been cooperating with more than 40 universities in Germany. The result of such cooperation is not only the sphere of student and faculty exchange, but also joint seminars for postgraduates, undergraduates and students, which are traditionally held for 15 years.

Vice-Rector for International Relations D.V. Vasilenko noted the great contribution of Professor Nikitina to the strengthening of the university’s international activities both in terms of the educational process (academic mobility program) and in the field of scientific cooperation through the model of the International Network Institute of ICFMR, which allows more effective use of the synergetic effect of cooperation with different universities.

Since 1998, Professor Nikitina T. has been actively carrying out her scientific activity in close contact with the representatives of the Central Bank of Russia in St. Petersburg. During this time a lot of joint activities have been performed, including international ones. Speaking at the seminar, Vadim Pivovarov, Vice Head of the North-Western Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, also noted the active work of Professor Nikitina in holding the annual scientific conference “Inflation processes in Russia: challenges and prospects”, in which Tatiana Viktorovna is a moderator of the section “Inflation in Russia: present and future”.

Colleagues of Professor Nikitina T. from Germany and Switzerland participated in the seminar. They are members of the ICFMR Scientific Council and the International Supervisory Board of St. Petersburg State University of Economics. Professor Clemens Renker gave a keynote presentation on the Past of the Future of Banks. Professor Bernhard Koyer of the Swiss University of Kalaidos noted the key changes in the activities of financial and credit institutions in the context of digitalization, as well as the importance of additional professional education for the development of new competencies.

Rudolf Faltermeier, honorary Professor of the Technical University of Munich and St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Chairman of the International Supervisory Board of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, greeted Professor Nikitina with the title of Ambassador of the Alexander von Humboldt Scientific Foundation that these days turned 250 years old.  As a fellow of the Foundation, prof Nikitina is the organizer of major international conferences on interdisciplinary topics. As a valuable gift, he presented Professor Nikitina T. coins of the German Central Bank issued in honor of the great scientist’s anniversary.

The participants of the seminar, among them the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Finance I.Y. Efstavyeva, the Director of the Master's Degree T.G. Tumarova, the Head of the Department of Banking, Financial Markets and Insurance Professor S.Y. Yanova, colleagues from the Saint-Petersburg State University Prof. N.P. Kuznetsova, Associate Professor I.A. Fomin , colleagues from banks and insurance companies, former and present students of Tatyana Viktorovna, took an active part in the lively discussion about the prospects of the financial market development in the digital age.

We wish Professor Nikitina Tatiana Viktorovna further success in the development of interesting scientific projects and international activities.

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