Architecture of finance: accelerated development under external shocks and internal contradictions

Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics on 11-13 April 2019 invites you to participate in THE X ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “Architecture of finance: accelerated development under external shocks and internal contradictions”.

Implementation of the national strategy on the breakthrough economic growth especially in current social, economic and political situation predetermines the need of using the set of mechanisms and instruments, that could stimulate acceleration of economic development either on the level of administrative governance and in the economic and financial field.

New ambitious goals, set by the Russian government, focused on the economic breakthrough, will hardly be achieved without a well-adjusted financial system, as one of the main preconditions for reaching these goals.

The architecture of Russian finance should transform dynamically in order to, on one hand, adapt to external shocks, and, on the other hand - to combine potentials of real economy and financial sector to give a push to the investment growth, oriented more to the technological modernization of Russian economy.

Within the framework of the annual International scientific-practical conference “Architecture of finance” during panel sessions, open discussions, round tables, the wide range of issues is going to be discussed, including weak and strong points of Russian financial system, existing contradictions and possible resolutions, international experience on the accelerating economic growth.

In 2019 we are hosting the 10-th anniversary conference which has already proved its worth as a well-established platform for interaction of experts and professionals of the financial world to exchange views, negotiate the most demanded issues and offer new solutions and strategies of future development.

The Conference Goal: to provide an unprejudiced outlook for the future of the global and Russian finance; suggest breakthrough financial technologies, that could support economic growth; approbate nontrivial ideas of the accelerated development for Russian economy and its financial sector.   

Registration for conference participants will be open from March 1, 2019 on the conference website:


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