Business training programme “Strategies of entrepreneurship: Doing business in the USA”

Higher Economic School of St Petersburg State Economic University (HES SPbSEU) has been implementing EMBA “Management of Entreprise” programme since 1993, when it became the first business-school in St Petersburg to introduce this type of programmes to the market of educational services.

The programme was originally designed as an international one and created in cooperation with partner university – ESIDEC Higher International School of Commerce (Metz, France). In view of this, the programme is implemented by both leading lecturers and consultants of SPbSEU and other business-schools and universities of St Petersburg as well as lecturers and experts from partner universities of France, USA, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, etc.

EMBA programmes have special place in business education since the target group of such programmes is top-management of companies and organizations.

At the same time EMBA students quite understand that in modern world business has a tendency of going global. That’s why to be successful they don’t only have to understand Russian business environment, but also be familiar with foreign markets, peculiarities of cross-cultural communication as well as apply best international practices and experience to their work.

An old Russian proverb that “it’s better see once than hear a hundred times” is also more than true. That is exactly why HES SPbSEU ( regularly organizes foreign business training programmes for its students and alumni.

From 30 August till 20 September 2015 Higher Economic School in cooperation with its partner – University of Wisconsin-Parkside ( – organized a business training programme in the USA for a group of alumni and students of EMBA “Management of Entreprise” programme.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP) is a new, but very interesting and prospective partner of HES SPbSEU. UWP is one of the leading state universities of the USA and being a part of University of Wisconsin System it’s listed among “top 10 best innovative universities of the world” according to Reuters (

UWP is a great example of a classic university that graduates its students in over 30 bachelor and master programmes, as well as offers a high-quality MBA programme accredited by AACSB – the most prestigious association of universities and business-schools in the world.

UWP is also quite unique due to its wonderful location. It’s situated on a shore of Lake Michigan between towns of Kenosha and Racine right in the middle of “economic corridor” Chicago-Milwaukee, where headquarters and manufactures of many world famous companies are located. That was a key factor for choosing a destination for the business training programme.

A group of participants of “Strategies of Entrepreneurship: Doing Business in the USA” programme included 13 representatives of HES SPbSEU – students and alumni of EMBA “Management of Entreprise” programme and other programmes and projects; as well as three graduates of MBA programme from Montpellier Business School (Montpellier, France), which also allowed Russian participants to get experience in dealing with French managers.

It’s worth mentioning that participants of the programme represented various business fields – from retail trade and social services to construction and railway engineering – therefore both partner universities did their best to make the training programme cover as wide range of managerial problems and fields of economy as possible.

During the programme the group took part in a number of interesting lectures and seminars of the leading lecturers and consultants of UWP such as “Economy and business-environment in the USA”, “Leadership in America”, “Small business in America – entrepreneurship, incentives and innovation”, “Challenges and rewards of a global company”, “Manufacturing in the USA – current realities”, “Lean manufacturing and automation of operations”, “Logistics and supply chain management”, “Entrepreneurial mindset – features and tenets”, “Cross-cultural communication – verbal and non-verbal”, “Self-branding – creating and sustaining an online presence”, “Business law in the USA”, “Hiring and labour law in America”.

Master-classes and meeting with top-management of such companies as Small Business Development Center, TwinDisc, Titus Consulting, Dom Kegel Media were also quite interesting and useful.

At the same time, the key part of the training programme was obviously the visits to the world famous companies and enterprises located in the towns of this region: Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Gracelake, Elkhorn, Madison and, of course, Chicago. Among these companies: Harley Davidson, Case New Holland, FedEx, Badger Meters, Marriott, MillerCoors, as well as Chicago department of the US Federal Reserve Bank.

“I believe it’s very important that the participants of the training programme were able not only to see the manufacturing process and “internal kitchen” of the companies, but also discuss various issues with top-management of these entreprises during meetings and business lunches. This allowed communicating with the leading top-managers in informal, trusting and open atmosphere”, – said the head of the programme from Russian side, Scientific chancellor of HES SPbSEU Valentin Galenko.

Coordinator of the programme, manager of international projects of HES SPbSEU Olga Tabelova added: “The USA is a country where the majority of business contacts are established and many important contracts are concluded not in offices but in various clubs and during social and sport events. That’s why it was especially significant that the programme also included such events as a visit to Willow Creek – the second largest American church – and a baseball game Brewers vs. Pirates at Miller Park arena. That helped the participants of the programme to see and even “experience”, how Americans live and spend their leisure time, thinking about work at the same moment!”

During the programme the group was also invited for receptions and dinners to the Chancellor of UWP Deborah Ford, the top-manager of TwinDisc company Cory Mason II, the head of the programme from American side Abey Kuruvilla as well as families from Kenosha Sister Cities Organisation.

In addition, participants of the programme visited Kenosha where mayor Keith Bosman met the group and personally provided an excursion around the town. Also a visit to Madison (capital of Wisconsin) was made, where the group explored the Capitol, was honoured to participate in the Senate public hearing concerning labour and education policies as well as had a meeting with representative Cory Mason III – a member of Wisconsin Legislature. The group was also invited to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where participants met the students of Russian Flagship Programme.

Obviously, understanding of American environment wouldn’t be complete without cultural and entertaining parts. That is why the programme included a two-day trip to Chicago, where participants visited Chicago International Open-Air Jazz Festival, world famous skyscrapers of Willis Tower and John Hancock Building, participated in a river architectural tour around the city, visited the Money Museum of Chicago Federal Reserve Bank. In Kenosha the group went to a jazz concert of the US Navy Band Cruisers and in Elkhorn the participants of the programme spent a wonderful day at Walworth county fair.

The majority of the participants continued their educational trip within the framework of “Doing business in the Carribean” business training programme from 12 till 20 September. The group visited Nassau (the Bahamas), St Thomas (American Virgin Islands), Puerto-Rico (Puerto-Rico) and Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos).

Lectures and seminars about economy of the region, specific features of offshore environment, hotel and cruise business as well as meetings with the top-management of the company were organized on board of the Carnival Valor cruise liner.

The US business training programme organized for Russian and French managers aroused a big interest in both American and foreign mass-media. Programme participants were invited to the “MoneyTalks” show of the local TV company ( and gave a number of interviews for newspapers:,,,

In general, programme participants believe that the training programme was really successful both in professional sense and human relations. It’s important to mention that this programme became the first significant event within our cooperation agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and its success was largely determined by personal efforts of Chancellor Deborah Ford and Special assistant to chancellor for international relations Abey Kuruvilla.

In the near future the universities are planning to continue the cooperation by student exchange as well as organization of the similar to the abovementioned business training programme for the next group of students from SPbSEU in the USA and American students in Russia.


Comments from programme participants:

“Of course, you can always find information about the key driving ideas of American business in books, magazines, TED’s or other e-sources, but “live business training programme” helped me to be fully involved in different environment and culture, see how business is organized in American companies, how it’s presented to potential clients and partners, what is the attitude to people and business.

Based on intensive communication with professors, top-management of companies, local people hosting us and my colleagues in the group I’ve come to understand how important the role of leadership, personal relations and willingness to develop is for efficiency increase in both your own work and the company in general.”

Maria Beliakova, student of EMBA “Management of Entreprise” programme


“We were very surprised and pleased with openness and friendliness of Americans – both ordinary people and high-rank politicians and businessmen. They were very interested to discuss not only business issues, but also cultural connections and simple human relations. One of the most informative meetings was the one with the mayor of Kenosha, where we discussed a wide range of social problems of the town.”

Alexey Mavrin, chairman of the Board of Directors of Social Geriatric Centre “Opeka”

Tatiana Kovrizhnyh, director of boarding houses of Social Geriatric Centre “Opeka”


“The visit to Badger Meters company was very interesting. CEO of the company invited to the meeting with our group almost all members of top-management team. Each of them described their functional responsibilities and interaction with other members of the team. It immediately became obvious that the boss is a former US Army general.

Such way of communication helped to make the discussion very informative and also simplify understanding of company’s management methods during the tour around manufacturing workshop and administration departments.

It was also quite unusual for us that CEO knows almost everyone in the company by name and support “friendly informal” style of communication with employees”.

Aleksei Svetkin, student of EMBA “Management of Entreprise” programme


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