Celebration of the 30th anniversary of cooperation between St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Higher School of Economics and Law (Berlin, Germany)

On April 16, 2019, a delegation from the Higher School of Economics and Law in Berlin, led by Professor Andreas Zaby, President of the University, visited our University.

The delegation also included the Rector of the University at different times, Prof. Franz Rieger and Prof. Bernd Reissert, as well as Professor of Business Administration and Supply Chain Management, Director of the Logistics and Transport Programme Sven Woogt and German Coordinator of of the Department of International Strategic Management Cooperation Prof. Mario Glovik. It has already become a good tradition to celebrate the anniversary celebrations, combining them with practical conferences on major economic topics: the development of financial markets, monetary policy, the crisis of the Eurozone, the problems of economic sanctions, etc. This year the conference is devoted to the problems of transport logistics. The key speakers at the conference "Global Value Creation and Logistics" were Aivars Taurins, General Director of Schenker Russia, and Roman Gorin, Deputy Head of the Oktyabrskaya Railway (Territorial Administration), JSC Russian Railways. Representatives of the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Prof. Vladimir Shcherbakov, Head of the Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Associate Professor Pavel Pereverzev, Professor of Marketing Y.N. Solovieva made interesting reports.

On the German side, these were Professors Mario Glovik and Sven Woogt. The speakers' reports caused lively discussions among the participants of the conference, which was attended by 40 Master's students from Germany, as well as master’s students and teachers of our university. 

The second part of the anniversary celebrations was dedicated to pleasant memories, the opportunity to meet with colleagues and students. In the reports of both heads of universities, Professor Maximtsev I.A. and Professor Zaby A. touched upons not only the statistical data confirming the long-term cooperation in the field of student and academic mobility, which involves almost all major faculties of both universities, but also discussed aspects of future plans concerning the energy sector.

In addition, the rectors emphasized the role of those people who contributed to the sustainable development of cooperation in different years. Along with the heads of universities at different times: Prof. Lavrikov Y.A., Prof. Tarasevich L.S., Prof. Maximtsev I.A. - from the Russian side, and Prof. U. Kunze, Prof. F. Rieger, Prof. B. Reissert, A. Zaby - from the German side, an important role in the development of cooperation was played by Prof. V. Kruglov, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Prof. P. Sievert and Prof. M. Kronauer, coordinators of cooperation from the German side. Modern development of joint scientific projects and coordination of academic mobility is carried out with the active support of the Vice-Rectors for International Affairs of both universities: Vasilenov V. and Glassner H., as well as coordinators on both sides: Professors Nikitina T. and Glovik M.

Students and graduates of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, many of whom continue to work successfully in their native university, made short speeches about their impressions of studying in Berlin.

We are grateful to all the participants for their support of the anniversary celebration!

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