Double-Master in Management

The graduation ceremony of the Double-Degree Program «Corporate Finance Control and Risks» between UNECON and Université Paris-Dauphine was on January 18.

The program in its current design have started 2008, while cooperation between universities, which has been established in the early beginning of 90s, represents one of the oldest international educational projects between Russia and France.

Students from Russia and France go through various financial and management sciences, risk-management and due diligence (business audit) during two years. All studies are provided in English on the platform of International Institute of Economics and Politics (IUNECON).  Course undertaks international internships, including a semester in a partner university in France. (See feedbacks from students)

After a successful thesis defense, alumni receive two national diplomas: Master Diploma in Management of UNECON and a French one: «le diplôme de Master Science des organisations (Droit, Economie, Gestion, Sciences Sociales), à finalité Professionnelle, spécialité Finance et Contrôle, option Internal Audit and Risk Management» from Université Paris-Dauphine.

However, those students from Russia and France, who have been on the program only for one year and have accordable working experience may receive an occupational retraining diploma from Russian side.

Rector Igor Maksimtsev with Program Director Olivier Charpateau handed in Diplomas to full-time alumni of year 2018. To congratulate young specialists came Head of IUNECON Andrey Alexankov, Program Chief Scientific Officer, Head of Corporate finance and Business valuation research department Vladimir Chernenko, Head of Russian-French Center on cooperation in Research & Education Natalia Burova, Program Director from UNECON side Marina Utevskaya and relatives and friends of graduates were also welcome.

All event participants above wished to ex-students a successful and breathtaking carrier, what is more than possible with double diploma!

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