Double students: St. Petersburg State University of Economics and University of Grenoble

UNECON cooperates with the French universities for over 20 years. One of the oldest programs of the Russian-French educational cooperation - Bachelor program in economics and management with the University of Grenoble Pierre Mendes France.

International Institute of Economics and Politics UNECON, which implements the Russian-French bachelor program, traditionally organize a ceremony of handling French student id-card for students enrolled in the program.

The Russian student card is issued only once, when entering the first year of high school. In France, a student card issued each year, with duration - one academic year. In France, as in Russia, student status (confirm the presence of a student card) provides certain benefits to its owner - visiting museums at preferential prices, preferential tariff for the use of public transport, etc.

December 2, 2015, students of the first year of study in the program received a French student tickets, which is a plastic card with a paper application from the hands of the Director of the Program, prof. Natalia Burova, which clearly showed the prospects for their further education – diploma of Bachelor, Master and Doctor of the University of Grenoble.

UNECON students studying at the Russian-French bachelor program, become students twice! The successful passage of program completed the bachelor's degree - Licence! We sincerely congratulate all 23 first-year students of the program with the first student card from France, and wish success to all 67 students studying in the Russian-French Bachelor program!




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