Energetika seminar «The Role of Gas and Renewables to meet the Goals of the Paris Agreement» in Berlin

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON) annually helds the International Conference “Energetika XXI: Economy, Policy, Ecology” with the support of Gazprom. On the 2017 Conference the decision was made to start a new form of international cooperation between experts in energy area – the seminar of experts on the most discussed and current issues of international energy sector.

The Seminar of Russian and EU experts «The Role of Gas and Renewables to meet the Goals of the Paris Agreement» was held on the 12th April 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The Organizing committee included UNECON and Berlin Higher School of Economics and Law. Among the participants there were leading experts from UNECON, Gazprom export, Berlin Higher School of Economics and Law, Bode University, Berkeley Research Group, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies, Nordic Council of Ministers, «Gazprom Germania GmbH», BP, Uniper, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Statoil Deutschland GmbH and other representatives of commercial and consulting companies.

The presentations address the issues of perspective directions of European energy development:

  • further development of electric power
  • the role of renewables in energy balance of European countries
  • perspectives of hydrogenic fuel
  • the role of natural gas in the modern European energy sector
  • the role of established and generating gas transmission infrastructure to solve the problems of energy security in European countries
  • future prospects for natural gas and alternative resources to meet the challenges of transport decarbonisation, industrial and household waste utilization and others.

At the end of the discussion the experts came to the conclusion that despite considerable increase of the role of alternative energy in the energy balance of EU countries, natural gas is still the most important energy resource because of its transportability and environmental compatibility, especially in the context of reducing nuclear power and coal generation. The growing share of e-transport (road and railway transport in Europe) will require the considerable increase of electric power generation. For that reason, combination of alternative energy and gas power generation will contribute to the challenges in reforming the EU energy sector and implementation of goals according to the Paris Agreement on decarbonising the European economy and energy. One of the seminar conclusions became the suggestion to extent the discussion over the role of gas transportation infrastructure (including LNG infrastructure and gas storage) in energy security of Europe and development of transport and logistic system of separate regions (Baltic macroregion). It was agreed to include these issues in the programme of the XI International conference “Energetika XXI: Economy, Policy, Ecology” which will be held in Saint Petersburg in November 2018.

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