Eurasian Economic Perspective: development in global changing environment

UNECON together with OJSC "International development corporation" held VI International forum “Eurasian economic perspective” in Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. Saint-Petersburg city government and The Eurasian Universities Association (EUA) were co-organisers.

Strengthening cooperation between Eurasian countries in global changing environment became a core Forum topic.  Meeting united legislative and executive power representatives from the Eurasian Economic Union countries such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirgizia and Azerbaijan, Eurasian Economic Commission members, expert scientists from leading universities of EUA, economists, politicians, entrepreneurs and social activists of the region. 

Plenary session opened a Forum with welcome letters from Сhairwoman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko and Saint-Petersburg designated governor Alexander Beglov.

UNECON rector Igor Maksimsev announced main Forum targets: «Core attention at the meeting is devoted to interaction matters in the frameworks of Eurasian Economic Union, to humanitarian areas in particular, we understand that without universities and youth enrolment in integration processes Eurasian Economic Union future might not be successful. Igor Maksimtsev also highlighted that interest in Forum from different authorities grows every year. This makes possible to have a deeper insight into raising challenges and find more effective and smart solutions.

Keeping common cultural traditions by providing environment to carry out Eurasian people’s national talents is one of the main priorities. Deputy head of Executive Board of CIS Sergey Ivanov dedicated his speech on the following subject: «Going on in last decade enormous changes in the world lead us to act concerted in order to assure economic security sustainable development. Today is important to improve integrational processes efficiency, stimulate networking. It is also important to save a common cultural and humanitarian space, create integrated educational system for top-management and open a full potential of our people.

Eurasian Economic Union Judge Alexander Fedortsov in his charge mentioned that Eurasian countries convergence aspiration nails worls attention: - «Eurasian integration potentiality is proofed by dramatically increased interest from numerous countries: China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea –there are only some from the list of our leading trade partners.»

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