Executive programme “International gas business and cooperation”

Higher Economic School of St Petersburg State University of Economics within the agreement of cooperation with Energy Delta Institute (Netherlands) has become a partner and a co-organiser of the international executive programme “International gas business and cooperation”. The programme is designed for top-management representatives of foreign and Russian energy sector companies aspiring to understand the goals, methods of work and the mentality of their colleagues from various parts of Eurasia, reveal their potential and win the leading positions in the global market.

The programme consists of two modules: 4 days long each. Module 1 “Energy globalization, integrating gas markets and gas advocacy” will be held on 24-27 September 2018 in Brussels (Belgium).  During the module the representatives of the leading European and Asian universities and energy sector companies will discuss with the participants the issues of cross-cultural management and cooperation in the context of globalized energy market; specific features and differences in European, Russian and Asian mentalities and how these differences influence the business; the role of gas in international energy industry and security of supply and demand as one of the most important principles of Eurasian energy policy; as well as new opportunities for cooperation in Eurasia.

Module 2 “Russian energy markets and intercultural management of cooperation” is developed in cooperation with Higher Economic School of St Petersburg State University of Economics and will be delivered at its premises in St Petersburg (Russia) on 12-15 November 2018. The participants, lecturers and experts will examine Russian energy strategy; study Russian cultural landscape and its influence on doing business at international level; discuss leadership styles in the context of Eurasian energy relations; globalization risks, including the risk related to political sanctions; as well as energy investment policy and the issues of changing business-models of large gas and oil companies.

The programme is implemented in English and actively applies such forms of interaction with participants as group discussions, round tables and case work.

Upon successful completion of the programme the participants will receive a joint certificate of the Energy Delta Institute and the University of Groningen and a certificate of Higher Economic School of SPbSUE.

Contact info:

Pavel Metelev, vice-director for international relations HES SPbSUE metelavas@gmail.com

Olga Tabelova, manager of international projects HES SPbSUE emba_hes@mail.ru

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