The first meeting of the International Supervisory Council of the University

On 15 September the first meeting of International Supervisory Council of the University has taken place.

The International Supervisory Council (ISC) is collegial advisory institutional body which is created to support the strategic development of SPbSUE. Officially the ISC can consist of nine members: prominent representatives of the academic community, leading heads in the higher education and business sectors. The representatives of the Council can be of all the mentioned categories at the same time.

The main objective of the ISC is consultancy on strategic course of the University and possible forms of its development. It is expected that Council will estimate the general strategy of the University, control rates of its realization, consulting on strategy of internationalization, promote strengthening of cooperation with leading universities, research centers and also promote SPbSUE brand-building abroad.

Now the members of the Council are:

Professor, Doctor of Economics Igor A. Maksimtsev;

President and CEO of the Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Patricia Dowden;

Honorary professor of the Technical University of Munich, former vice-president of the Association of the Bavarian savings banks, Dr. Dr. h.c. of SPbSUE Rudolf Faltermayer;

President at Baltic Sea Region University Network (BSRUN) Kari Hyppönen;

Director of Wirtschaftskooperationen West-Ost Gabriele Kötschau;

Managing Director of Institute for Success in Small and Mid-sized Enterprises in Germany Dr. Dr. h.c. of SPbSUE Clemens Renker;

Head of The Institute of savings at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany, Dr. Dr. h.c. of SPbSUE Uwe Schneider

The members of ISC have voted Rudolf Faltermayer into the chair for 2 years. The chairman has to conduct meetings of the Council and can be the speaker of all Council representatives.

The rector Igor Maksimtsev has informed the ISC on current development of SPbSUE, on strategy 2025 and on purpose and objectives of the Council. Nikolai Toivonen, the vice rector for strategic development, has presented basic principles of the SPbSUE development strategy 2025. The vice rectors for educational and methodical work, scientific work and international relations have presented the Strategy basic principles in their respective areas.
The new strategy, as a whole, has had the support of the experts. Additional comments will be sent to the members of administration within a month.


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