The Forum «Petersburger Dialog» at UNECON

Unecon hold working session «On-line education» in the frameworks of section «Science and Education» of the Forum "Petersburger Dialog" on April, 15.  

Russian and German delegation members discussed major topics of on-line-education and networking in education sphere.

Unecon Rector Igor Maksimtsev and European Academy senate member, chairman of Forum «Petersburger Dialog» Wilfried Bergmann, as a moderators of the section, opened meeting.

«Matters of distance learning in the frameworks of networking in education, which we rise up, are highly important», - said Igor Maksitsev with accent on Russian-German experience in this field. – «It would be appreciated to summarize experience of both countries to offer our colleagues in Russia and Germany solutions».

Wilfried Bergmann put a stress on personality-centred education: «Today world faces crucial changes, which influence on educational sphere. E-education develops dramatically. Universities should go beyond simple approach of knowledge transfer; they have to explain how to apply it. We should reconsider higher education and at this point, networking between universities comes to the fore». 

Representors from leading educational enterprises continued.

Russian side:

  • Vladimir Kutuzov – President of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI» spoke about on-line education promotion for state programs in the frameworks of Science & Education unions. He also presented University plan of actions for 2019 in this field.
  • Vladimir Starostenko – Head of E-education centre gave a presentation «University networks – challenges and opportunities»
  • Nikolay Toivonnen – Vice-Rector on Strategic Development at Unecon pointed out on the position of network development in business and education in the frameworks of Russian State Plan of Actions in Education, Science and Innovation.
  • Veronica Shubaeva – Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs at Unecon and Andrey Panarin – Head of All-Russian Public Organization «Russian Professors Union» Apparatus dedicated their speeches to outlook of networking in education.
  • Dmitry Kovalev  - Head of digital Academy covered the theme of  distance-learning in school education

German side:

  • Gregor Berghorn - ex-head of the DAAD Moscow office, advisor of German-Russian Forum on the questions of science expressed his opinion about importance of post-diploma training programs, which stimulate on-line education. He also told about meaning and appearance of expression «Smart-University» orientated on solution making.
  • Andreas Steininger, lawyer and professor at Wismar Ostinstitut gave a presentation «Artificial intelligence – new challenge in education» where he higliged how Artificial intelligence is going to be integrated into educational processes.


Mutually-beneficial network development was insured by presence of the partners at the Forum:

  • Anatoliy Zorin – Director of Federal State Budgetary Institution «Russian Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion»
  • Markus Jerger - General Director of The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses «BVMW»
  • Martin Gitsels – Vice President of Siemens LLC  

Negotiations on cooperation development between representatives of higher education and business community, primarily in implementation of post-diploma training  programs with the active use of distance learning tools were productive after the official part  


Forum Petersburger Dialog  was created in 2001 by initiative of President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schröder in order to provide contributory influence on German-Russian rapprochement. Members of «Petersburger Dialog» are conspicuous statesmen, outstanding scientist, artists and media influencers

Forum is an open platform. It’s main purpose to build up a constructive dialogue between national representors from all public spheres. This enables creation of solid cooperation, which does not depend on political background.

Furthermore, co-joint projects appear at the Forum and UNECON playes a significant role in maintaining organisational aspects and in providing expert and analytical support-.

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