Grand opening of the program “MBA in Digital Finance”

On September 13, 2018, our University hosted the grand opening of the program “MBA in Digital Finance”, jointly implemented with Kalaidos University, Zurich, Switzerland.

The program assumes an MBA diploma from Kalaidos University, Switzerland's largest private university which cooperates with such giants as UBS, Credit Suisse, Migros Bank.

Classes on the program are conducted by Swiss experts on the digital transformation of financial and credit institutions. The purpose of the program is to develop the participants' professional skills in solving urgent problems in the sphere of financial business.

The event on the occasion of the grand opening was attended by the rector of the UNECON, Prof., Dr. Igor Maksimtsev, Vice-rector for educational and methodical work Prof., Dr. Veronika Shubayeva, Vice-rector for scientific work, Prof., Dr. Elena Gorbashko, Vice-rector for International Relations, Ph.D. Dmitry Vasilenko, Head of the Department of Banks, Financial Markets and Insurance, Prof., Dr. Svetlana Yanova. Having greeted the guests, the heads of the University congratulated program directors - Prof., Dr. Bernhard Koye and Prof., Dr. Tatiana Nikitina, Director of the International Center for Financial Market Research, and thanked for the work they done. In addition, the role of the program in the development of relations between Russia and Switzerland and the economies of both countries was noted. In response, the welcome speech was made online by the rector of Kalaidos University René Weber, who stressed the importance of trust between the universities, which served as an impetus to the creation of a joint educational program.

The representative of business, general director NP "SPL-2003", Dr. Grigory Rozhkov read out the welcome speech of the Consul of Switzerland in St. Petersburg, Roger Kull, who expressed his support and wished the prosperity to program.

After that, Denis Gorulyov, Director of the Institute of Digital Economy of UNECON, made report on topic "Economic Change in the Conditions of Digitalization - New Challenges".

In the second part of the event, the boarding of the program from the Russian and Swiss sides represented by Prof., Dr. Tatiana Nikitina and the Prof., Dr. Bernhard Koye, presented the concept of "MBA in Digital Finance" program. After that, the floor was given to Maria Galper, the program manager from the Russian side, who spoke about the organizational structure and content of the program, and also described the learning process.

Among the guests of our University, at the Grand Opening there were Director of the Banking Risk Directorate of the «Bank «Saint-Petersburg» PJSC Alla Lidzhieva, Head of Car Loan Department of the «Bank «Saint-Petersburg» PJSC, graduate of the our University master's program “Banks and Asset Management”, Pavel Golubev, Director of the DAAD Information Center in St. Petersburg Beata Kohlberg, director of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg Christian Altmann, post-graduate students and second-year undergraduates of master’s program of UNECON.

More detailed information about the program "MBA in Digital Finance" you can get by writing on e-mail to or by calling +7 (812) 570-29-42; +7 (921) 926-33-39 to Maria Galper.

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