"International Stock Market Game 2019" - RESULTS!

Stock Market  Learning GAME  is an exciting  online competition, which is annually represented by successful and long-term partnership  between International Center of Financial Markets Research (UNECON)  and  the Technical University of Munich  -  NOW completed!

 Last   2019  year from September 25   to December 11,  2-year  students (Banking and Asset Management Magister program at UNECON ), had  gathered  in teams of 4 members  and had been investing  virtual capital in the amount of EUR 100,000 on the Stock Market training platform  during 2,5 months. Trading was based  on the real prices for financial instruments of European Stock Markets in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Milan, Madrid.   

In the process of   practicing, students attended a course of lectures with the following agenda:

  1. Structure of the stock market 
  2. Basic financial instruments on the stock markets
  3. Advising for choosing broker 
  4. Basic principles of portfolio investment and risk management. 


New knowledges   were  applied  by students  during  the implementation of the  strategy in investing, and despite the fact that none of the teams  reached 1 place, they got a chance to try themselves  as an investors  and to understand how the stock market is operating. 

The  learning stock  market  game was an important  learning experiment in which students, based on their mistakes and victories, came to the following conclusions: 

• 1. The economy is related to the politics, investors are  required to monitor the news  and after to adjust  strategy not only on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis of securities.         

• 2. When making an investment decision, it is important to consider the factors of a behavioral economy: features of irrational behavior of investors.         

• 3. In addition to diversifying your investment portfolio is advised decide on a strategy and adhere to it, despite external provocations and competitors' behavior.         

• 4. At different time framing, adjust the structure of the investment portfolio, do not forget to fix or reinvest profits.         

5. Improve your investment literacy, mind  trends, practice   investment operations, etc.

  "International Stock Market Game" – gives deep practical tool for stock market learning  and systematizes knowledges in the the economy, especially in the financial markets  fields.  It is  also   providing an ability for self-development   in the investment direction and future  orientation to the real investment  practice in stock market.


We are grateful to Professor Tatiana Nikitina, Director of the International Center  of the Financial Markets  Research  (Unecon)  and from the German side  Prof. Rudolf  Faltermeier, Chairman of the Association of Bavarian savings banks in Munich (Germany). This successful co-operation is giving our students unique opportunity to explore the world of investments, world of stock market.


The  final presentations on the stock  market learning  game made by students of the 2nd year master students of SPBGEU can be found at the link below.


Looking forward to see you next year!

Project Manager:  Ass. Economist of  Russian-German Centre, International Center   for  financial market research/ PhD Student  at St. Petersburg State University  of Economics.

 Viktoriia Dembinskayte  dembinskayte.v@unecon.ru


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