Leadership Workshop in the 21st Century

On April 8-9, the Russian-German Center organized a seminar for bachelors of the faculty as part of the strategic partnership program “International Relations” with Professor Harry Trummer of Goethe University (Frakfurt-on-Main, Germany).

Harry Trummer, a charismatic professor of finance, brought a unique 2-day leadership seminar in the 21st century, followed by a boxing workshop.

At the boxing master class (Professor Harry is a licensed boxing instructor), students under the American hip-hop hits pretty sweated, performing a large number of special boxing exercises from the training program of the US armed forces, and tired but satisfied, received an official diploma participation in the seminar on “leadership in the 21st century” from the hands of Professor Harry Trummer and the Head of the Sport department, Grigoriev Valery Ivanovich, without whose help, support during the master class and encouraging ceremonial speech completion this seminar would not be so memorable for many years.

Professor Harry Trummer in his master class showed that in the modern world everyone has the opportunity to develop leadership qualities in himself, with the help of daily exercise, a person disciplines himself, becomes physically and therefore morally stronger, stronger and not afraid of difficulties and mistakes get on your way to success.


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