Meeting with Rector of Stockholm School of Economics Latvia & Russia in Riga

Vice rector on Research and Science Elena Gorbashko and Head of International Research and Projects Centre Elena Vasileva met with Rector of SSE Riga and SSE Russia Anders Paalzow in Riga on February 28.

Areas of common interests appeared during the meeting, for example in ongoing projects with Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet), in Erasmus+ Jean Monnet and many more. Furthermore parties agreed on joint research and publications on actual challenges in economic development between Russian and Sweden.

UNECON cooperate with SSE since 1997. Among serious science projects performed together are:

  • Universal Quality Management Congress TQM in 2001, Saint-Petersburg,
  • International research on competencies of academic staff in business schools and economics-orientated universities of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Co-organization of International Research-to-Practice Conference «National Quality Concepts»

The last, but not the least Conference is supported by Stockholm School of Economics since 2012 as a constant partner and co-organizer. This annual event takes place at UNECON, partner-universities abroad and quality-control agencies in Europe: all in all in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, France, Ireland and Austria.

Rector of SSE Riga and SSE Russia Anders Paalzow confirmed to prolong a status of SSE as co-organizer of the International Research-to-Practice Conference «National Quality Concepts». In year 2019 it will take place in Saint-Petersburg and Madrid From September 30 up to October 4.


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