Study tour to «50 Herz» and «Uniper» in Berlin, Germany

Master students from European Regional Studies program visited Berlin in the frameworks of study tour February 20-24.  Program included visits to Electric power companies – Gazprom partners abroad: «50 Herz» and «Uniper».

UNECON applies science on business in Germany

UNECON Research and Educational centre «Logistics» in the frameworks of cooperation agreement with OJSC «Russian Railways» works on the project «Methodology development on logistic services quality improvement by integration of customer satisfaction monitoring systems of freight transportation sector into service sales techniques»

«Erasmus+» EURDIQ Conference

The Final Conference of project «Erasmus+» EURDIQ was in Riga February 26-28

Agreement with University of Toyama, Japan.

Memorandum between Far East research centre of University of Toyama and Asia Institute of UNECON has been signed on February 27.

Meeting with Rector of Stockholm School of Economics Latvia & Russia in Riga

Vice rector on Research and Science Elena Gorbashko and Head of International Research and Projects Centre Elena Vasileva met with Rector of SSE Riga and SSE Russia Anders Paalzow in Riga on February 28.

UNECON International Days

Welcome to UNECON International Days – a breakthrough event for all students in Saint-Petersburg arranged by International department and IUNECON (International Institute of Economics and Politics UNECON)

SPB STARTUP WEEKEND 2019 from «Google Entrepreneurs»


Techstars Startup Weekend is a three days «hackathon» for IT startups. In just 54 hours you'll meet the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Techstars Startup Weekend within support of “Google Entrepreneurs” creates an unique business environment to let you experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup.

Commercial Analytical Research Organisations Transnational Strategy

Objective of CAROTS is to establish a new type of SME — Commercial Analytical Research Organisations (CARO) – providing services in various fields.

Architecture of finance: accelerated development under external shocks and internal contradictions

Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics on 11-13 April 2019 invites you to participate in THE X ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “Architecture of finance: accelerated development under external shocks and internal contradictions”.

Masterclass from global company «HAYS»

Global company HAYS has branches in 33 countries and specialize in top and middle management head-hunting for companies on 20 different majors. It is a leading player on British and APAC region markets as well as in Europe and and LTA region. For more than 50 years company is offering HR solutions all over the world, and interviews more than one million people every year.

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