The Results of the Educational Program of the Future Leaders of the Country

In June 23, the Presidential Library hosted a solemn meeting which was dedicated to summarize the results of the first year of individual educational trajectories of participants in the Future Leaders Fund, who are the most talented and ambitious students of St. Petersburg.

The event was attended by Adviser to the Governor of St. Petersburg Artem Sheikin. The meeting was opened with a series of managerial fights, in which participants demonstrated in practice the skills, which they had received during the year in making complex decisions, managing the team, settling conflict situations, and oratorical skills. In the fights ten winners of the qualifying campaign in 2017 took part and they will begin implementing the Foundation's educational programs in September. Among the new participants of the Fund are students of St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg State Economic University, Polytechnic University, Higher School of Economics. More than a thousand people took part at the selection campaign of the current year and according to its results, in addition to the choice of ten new program participants, the Board of the Future Leaders Foundation decided to create a list of reservists who will also be able to take part in scientific and educational activities. "During this year, all participants managed to show themselves: someone developed new competencies and skills, someone with our support began to implement their own project. It's nice to see the results of the annual work of the students, and I know we are right. " the Executive Director of the Future Leaders Foundation, Varvara Chuikova comments.



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