Russian-German seminar for undergraduates of UNECON

Within the framework of the next meeting of the International Discussion Club on November 17, 2017, at 11.00 am, a scientific and practical Russian-German seminar was held at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg.

The participants of the seminar were graduate students of master program of UNECON "Finance of Innovative Medicine", (Program Director, Ph.D., Associate Professor Efimova Nadezhda Filippovna) and "Banks and Asset Management" (the scientific supervisor of the program – Prof. Dr. Tatyana Nikitina). The Director of the Russian-German Center of UNECON, Professor Nikitina Tatyana Viktorovna, greeted the participants of the seminar, noted the high importance of this subject for Russia and the possibility of jointly investment projects developing. Dr. Florian Kolbinger, the chief lawyer of Casa Reha, spoke about the role of private business, compulsory and voluntary old-age care insurance. He also highlighted the legal aspects and peculiarities of this business in the country. The report provoked an interesting discussion and served as a platform for cooperation possibility in this field.

UNECON thanks the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, personally to Katherine Kudinova, for assistance in organizing the seminar.


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