Russian-Romanian dialog in the search of opportunities

On April 1st the Tenth Anniversary of the Russian-Romanian Cooperation at the FINEC/UNECON was opened by the 8th Russian-Romania Scientific conference “Economic cooperation between Russia and CEE countries: in search of opportunities under trade sanctions and international turbulence” traditionally held by the UNECON and Bucharest University of Economics (ASE, reciprocally in St. Petersburg and Bucharest.

About thirty professors, PhD students and undergraduates both from UNECON and ASE took part in the conference and discussed following topics:

  1. Developing European and Eurasian integration projects: opportunities for interaction in times of geo-economic challenges.
  2. Agricultural sector and food security paradigm in Russia and Europe in the context of sanction regimes and limited investment opportunities.
  3. Russian-European cooperation in energy sector, conceptualizing sustainability paradigm.
  4. Trends for Digital Economy in Russia, Romania and the EU;
  5. Russian-European cooperation in the field of education: human capital investment in the frame of economic crisis.

The conference is one of the key elements on cooperation program between the UNECON and ASE which also includes student exchange, Russian language studies, joint publications of Master students’ articles, etc.  The parties agreed to intensify cooperation in the field of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics in 2016.

The Agreement of cooperation between University (FINEC in 2006) and ASE marked restoration of academic relationships between Russia and Romania which were broken in the 90-ies.



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