Training of specialists from the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China

From 11 to 15 September the Chinese specialists of the Ministry of Finance attended a course in SPbSUE. It was organized by the International Cooperation Department of our University together with Public and Municipal Finances department.

The head of Public and Municipal Finances department Ivanova N.G., professor Kankulova M.I., docents Morunova G.V., Piskliukova E.V., Fedosov V.A. participated in working and teaching educational program «Management of budget process in Russia. Forming and realization». The classes were held in Chinese Library equipped with modern multimedia technology.

During study there were organized meetings with the representatives of public financial institutions to force the practical part. Vice-head of the Office of the Federal Treasury of St. Petersburg Koshevaya T.Y. told Chinese colleagues about main functions of the Federal Treasury which is rightly a leader in the system of control over public finance of Russia.

The head of the Finance Committee of St. Petersburg Korabelnikov A.A. told about budget process in St. Petersburg. He answered many questions from representatives of the Ministry of Finance of China who, in turn, were very grateful after the meeting for interesting and useful conversation.

The rector of SPbSUE Igor Maksimtsev met with Chinese guests.

The head of Chinese delegation told in the interview:

Our group of employees of Ministry of Finance of China is very happy to have the opportunity to study in SPbSUE. We completely realized our academic objectives and successfully completed the studies. We are very impressed by perfect organization of studying process, high quality of methodic and especial skills of professors of the University. The training in SPbSUE gave us an opportunity to get acquainted with the city and the University and to acquire knowledge in budget management, including the structure of budget, its preparation and realization, control of realization and connection between budgets of various levels.

There were organized Round tables with the participation of employees of the Office of the Federal Treasury of Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and the Committee of Finance of the Government of St.Petersburg which allowed both sides to understand each other and strengthen friendship.

After returning to China we will share our experience of training in SPbSUE with the colleagues from our organizations. The knowledges we received in the University would be directed on further strengthening of the economic relationship and prosperity between Russia and China.

We express our gratitude to rector of SPbSUE Igor Maksimtsev and vice rector Dmitriy Vasilenko and wish them and all the university`s employees and professors of SPbSUE health and further success!

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