Twin Cities Youth Festival “Territory of trust”

Twin Cities Festival “Territory of trust” opened on the 30th of October in Saint Petersburg to develop an effective economic and youth collaboration between twin cities located as inside Russia as well as far across its borders. Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics projected the event under auspices of the Federal Agency of Youth Affairs.

Delegations from twin cities consisted of 18-35 years old participants and represented their home states:  Belarus (Minsk), China: (Shanghai, Sian), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Leon), Germany (Hamburg), Romania (Bucharest, Constanta), Russia: Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad and other countries showed attendance by their consuls.

Special guest of festival is Chinese city – Xi An, its youth team came with a City Hall members to discuss one of the key festival matters – further steps to a twinning agreement between Saint Petersburg and Xi An

«Saint Petersburg is a native geopolitical hub due to its position on the cultural and economic lines between Europe and Asia. We are glad to welcome guests from People's Republic of China, representatives from twin cities - Beijing and Shanghai and from ancient capital of China – wonderful Xi An city. We are pleased in particular that this city stated willingness to become Saint Petersburg’s twin and our festival might conduce the process of obtaining this status» - Igor Maksimtsev, rector UNECON (Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics)

In the program frameworks plenary session «Twin cities youth cooperation prospects» took place at the first day. Opening gathered speakers: Igor Maksimtsev – Unecon rector; Luka Gorubin - Head of extracurricular activities department Unecon, Dmitry Vasilenko – Vice-Rector on International Relations Unecon, Irina Vostrikova – Deputy Head of China and Asia-Pacific Region studies center Unecon, Grigory Rozhkov - General Director of NP «Saint Petersburg – London 2003». Foreign side was presented by Huang Xiaohua - Head of chinese delegation from Xi An City Hall, Jappinen Outi - Senior Advisor for International Relations at City of Helsinki Executive Office, Cheng Zhiyu - Head of delegation from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Eltje Aderhold – Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Saint Petersburg.

I am very proud that our university initiated the festival and performed as its organiser together with the Federal Agency of Youth Affairs. Unecon is one of the most active educational institution in the area of international youth collaboration. We promote intensively numerous projects, conferences, exchange programs both on student and teacher levels with leading universities in Europe, Asia and America. Unecon offers double degree programs, network programs, summer and winter schools. Cooperation centers with China, Poland, France, Germany and many more are working intensively. International science journals and articles are being published.

  • Igor Maksimtsev about Unecon part in international youth dialog

Festival is going from the 30th of October up to the 3rd of November. Participants divide into three working sections: “Sport and volunteering” ”Culture and education”, “Entrepreneurship and technology” The goal is to create a common concepts for further international youth projects aimed on strengthening international boundaries and joint problem-solving mechanisms.



Twin cities or, as they are also called, sister cities are the cities that are continuously cooperate within each other in various spheres: from exchange of humanitarian missions and governing experience to sports competitions, cultural events, photo and art exhibitions, cinema festivals etc. Besides this, sister relations also mean a support while emergency: natural disasters or manmade accidents.

The history of twinning cities goes back to the year 836. Some scientists say that Paderborn in Germany and Le Mans in France become first ever twin cities so long time ago.  Other version sends us to 1944, when after the Second World War lots of cities, towns was terribly destroyed, and in order to show a support for each other suffered lands started to gather. The first “couple” made a Soviet Stalingrad (Volgograd by now) and British Coventry. The trend continued successfully.
On the 28th of April 1957 was established an international non-governmental organisation “United Cities and Local Governments” (UCLG). The aim of which is to reinforce friendship tiers between different cities and towns worldwide. Today UCLG is more then 3 500 cities from 160 countries.


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