UNECON and Russian Railways: strategic collaboration

Business meeting between CEO, Chairman of the Board of OJSC «Russian Railways» Oleg Belozerov and Unecon Rector Igor Maksimtsev was in Moscow on February 7. The topic maintained current results and prospects on strategic cooperation development, which is ongoing under the agreement signed by the parties in November 2016.  

Unecon Rector Igor Maksimtsev, Head of Logistics and Supply chain management research department at Unecon Vladimir Sherbakov and Head of Unecon Alumni Association Olga Onyfrieva were from University side and OJSC «Russian Railways» presented by Deputy Chief Executive Officer on personnel management and social issues Shahanov Dmitry, and Deputy Managing Director on commercial activity of the company and freight Alexey Shilo.

Vladimir Sherbakov in his speech highlighted the formation of uninterrupted educational process in core university programs designed for professional development of Russian Railways employees in the framework of company corporate carrier management strategies implementation. As a part of R&D, parties entered additional contracts under the Scientific and Technical RR projects:
- «Methodology development for logistic services quality improvement by integration of customer satisfaction monitoring systems in freight transportation sector into service sales techniques»

- «Methodology development for railway appeal escalation among competitor segments in freight transportation sector»

Meeting raised its productivity after following initiatives received approval from top management of both parties.  

  • Enrollment expansion on target-oriented programs on bachelor, master and post-degree levels
  • Creation of international target-oriented programs

Russian Railway authorities proposed to increase amount of internships positions for Unecon students and to provide an assignment for university academic staff on the ground of Oktabrskaya railway.

An innovative idea to create a new specialization «Railway Economist»  appeared on the meeting.

As a high point of approval on Unecon intellectual work become a support for enhancement of research on subjects of actual Russian Railways market challenges and development.   

In the meeting framework Head of Unecon Alumni Association Olga Onyfrieva promoted an upcoming II UNECON FORUM and explained its new concept.  The event will take place on March 22 in convention and exhibition centre EXPOFORUM, Saint-Petersburg.
Rector personally delivered an official invitation to Oleg Belozerov to participate in the Forum.



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