UNECON hosted a lecture of Prof. Dr. Bergman in frameworks of the Forum «Petersburger Dialog»  

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Bergmann is a famous legal expert in Germany, European Academy senate member, chairman of Forum «Petersburger Dialog» which is going under Russian and German government endorsement and one of the world’s leading expert in digital economy sphere.

Speaker covered a theme of legal collusions which appear both on Russian and German market due to new forms of legal relations in digital sphere. Legal question on entity definition while data prosessing raised huge public interest and discussion followed.
Digital Academy teachers, business sector, UNECON academicians and students from various universities participated in the lecture with Denis Gorulev (Head of Digital Institute UNECON) and Andrey Alexankov (Head of IUNECON (International Institute of Economics and Politics UNECON)) as moderators. The event took place at Digital academy within the excursion thought it where Wilfred Bergman completed his interview about to local press.

Enforceability complicates in the digital era. Specialists who have an understanding in upcoming trends within an ability to circumscribe digital innovation on the legal basics, are gaining a huge competitive advantage among others - they are able to lead into the future.

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