The youth school of Collective Security Treaty Organization were held in Saint-Petersburg

The youth school of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) opened in Saint Petersburg on 25th of September. Students and young scientists from seven states belonging to CSTO have become School participants for two days. The classes held at the Parliamentary Centre and in the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics.

Among the experts and organizers addressed a welcome speech to participants were Almibai Sultanov, the Deputy Secretary General of the Organization; Peter Ryabuhin,  Executive Secretary of CSTO Parliamentary Assembly; Igor Maksimtsev, Rector of Saint Petersburg State University of Economics;  Andrey Toporov, Head of Military Procurement Academy named after General Khrulev; David Virabyan Armenia permanent plenipotentiary at CSTO and Igor Panarin, Executive Director of CSTO`s University League.

On 26th of September under the program of the youth school held the plenary meeting and the sessions devoted to the military and security world situation, counteracting international terrorism and collective economic security.

During two working days the students, young scientists and politicians were participating in special cultural and business events.

The first youth school of CSTO was opened in Belgrade in 2015.


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