Content of Courses for Summer School 2014 “Doing Business in Russia”


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Russian History in the context

of Intercultural Management


The course examines the evolution of Russian society from the earliest times to the present day with focus on historical events, foreign influences and prominent personalities that have shaped Russian culture through centuries. It will introduce students to the development of core values and norms of the Russian people. Religious, political and economic factors will be discussed to show their role in creating the present Russian environment. At the end of the course students will present the results of their group research on cultural and institutional consequences of certain historical periods.

Competitive Strategies

in Russia


The course aims at building understanding of the principles of competitive struggle in the modern markets and in the Russian markets in particular, as well as at learning of several models of competitive strategies

On completion of the course students should be able to choose relevant competitive strategies in different business situations and explain the choice

Marketing Management

and PR in Russia


Reasons for entering Russian markets.

Interconnection of markets: six markets model. Market participants. Porter’s five competitive forces.

PEST analysis. Macro-environment in Russia: political, economic, social environment; Russia as informational society

Export, licensing, franchising, contracting, strategic alliances, joint ventures, own production: definitions, usage on the Russian market, comparison in terms of risks, achievement of objectives, managerial effort, investments, market attractiveness and entry barriers.

Doing Business in Russia


The course aims to:

  • To familiarize student with the current economic situation in Russian Federation
  • Get an insight to the Russian market
  • Understand the needs of potential customers from Russia

The course should result in understanding the specifies of doing business in contemporary Russian economy;

Business Game


The business game will be linked to the material under investigation in the lecture block "Financial Institutions and Markets in Russia". The students will be provided relevant computer resources and be engaged in team work in line with the assigned topics. Topics will be assigned at the beginning of the game and be linked to practical application of the knowledge on Russian market business segments. There will be time allotted for research followed by the presentation by each team and debate, Dr. Kostin serving as the mediator. The winner team will be determined and awarded.

Project competition


The competition will last through the whole Summer School starting on Monday, August 5, when students are divided into teams, and rules of competition are going to be announced to all the participants.

Within the period of studies teams will work on their own enterprise establishment in the Russian market, and on the 16th of August a final challenge (projects presentation) will take place. Taking into account the general score of each team and final presentation of the project, judges will decide which team may be considered the winner.

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