Summer University 2018 “Baltic Energy in Changing Energy Landscape”

Summer University 2018

«Baltic Energy in Changing Energy Landscape»

Dates: 15 – 29 August 2018

Venue: St. Petersburg State University of Economics

Language: English

Workload: 7 ECTS

The course is tailored to give competences for:

  • Core issues of Russia-EU (BSR) relations;
  • Current world energy trends;
  • Understanding of the link between theory, institutional framework and practical problems with respect to sustainable approach in the energy cluster.

The program is aimed to generate a discussion of the reasons and the consequences of the recent oil price drop and its implications for other fossil fuels as well as its relation with international de carbonization efforts. The program will focus on the latest developments in the Russian energy sector, as a central piece in the European (and BSR) energy market, and the implications of sanctions for its further development. One of the workshops will touch upon potential benefits in the Russian energy sector and international experience with various instruments of energy efficiency.

Target audience:

The program is aimed at Master and PhD students of Economics, Business, World Economy, Political Science, Energy Economics. The maximum size of the cohort is 30 people. The full cost of the program is 1650 Euros (1400 Euros fro partner universities), that includes accommodation in double rooms, breakfasts and lunches, lectures and seminars, cultural program and registration fees.

There are 8 DAAD scholarships for German students  that cover travelling expenses and partial tuition fee.


Contact details:

To obtain the scholarship students are to apply for participation by sending CV and motivation and  reference letters to until July 1st 2018.

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