ENPI Clean oil

Clean oil project is focusing on developing solutions for collection and utilization of waste oils from the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region areas. The main target of the Clean oil project is reduction of negative impact of oil waste on soil, water, air and quality of human's life in the regions of South-East Finland and North-West Russia.

Based on official statistics reports and information from business communities and scientific sources only 30% waste oil are being collected in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation, the rest goes to drains or is burned in non-certified heating systems with a danger of bad emissions to the air, soil and water. The Clean Oil project is focusing on elimination of the negative factors caused by imperfective system of collecting, transportation and recycling of waste oils in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad regions by:
•    Development of cross-border cooperation in waste oil management between South-East Finland and North-West Russia by means of using capacities of the existing factory for waste oil recycling in Port of Hamina (Finland) and introduction of the best practice of Finland, in the field of waste oil collection, storage, transportation, recycling and recovering.
•    Increasing of commercial effeciency of waste oil industry in Russia and development of the supply chain for transboundary movement of waste oils from Russia to Finnish recycling companies.
•    Boost the information level of the best practice in waste oil handling for top management and other responsible staff of waste producers in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Regions.
•    Increase the transparence/legality of the waste oil handling in North-West Russia.

Project partners
•    Lead partner and coordinator of the project is Ecotrans JSC, operating in the field of waste management in Russia.
•    Lappeenranta University of Technology is a partner responsible for comparison of waste oil collection and recovery methods, evaluation of the logistics chain to be developed in the project as well as for research of the environmental impact of the future methods for collection, recovery and utilization of waste oils. Other partners of the project are St. Petersburg State University of Economics and L&T Recoil.
•    Associate partners of the project are the towns of Hamina and Sertolovo.

Contact information

21, Sadovaya street,
191023 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Department of International Cooperation
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