Money and Banks

The currency of payment in Russia is rubles. 

The following international banks are operating in St. Petersburg: Raiffeisen Bank, UniCredit Bank, Nodrea Bank, Dresdner Bank.

Credit cards and traveler’s cheques are accepted not everywhere.

With credit cards you can withdraw rubles from ATMs. Please note that cash withdrawals are usually subject to extra fee.

You can buy rubles at currency exchange points in banks, hotels, airport, RW-stations etc., but be sure to bring along your passport. Most exchange offices charge extra fee of about 50 cents to change money.

For cashing cheques commission charges of 2-3% are collected.

It is possible to transmit money through TT, Western Union, MoneyGram.

Banks are usually open Mon-Fri 09:00-20:00, Sat 10:00-17:00