Safety Measures

Dos and Donts to Avoid Crisis

  • Consider your health and other personal circumstances when applying for study in Saint Petersburg.
  • Obtain and maintain appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Provide UNECON international coordinator with all the personal data necessary for planning a safe and fruitful period of study in Saint Petersburg.
  • Keep your family members informed about your decisions and health problems.
  • Become familiar with the procedures for obtaining emergency health and law enforcement services in Saint Petersburg.
  • Be aware of local conditions and customs that may present health or safety risks and accept responsibility for your own decisions and actions.
  • Obey local laws, understand and comply with codes of conduct and emergency procedures.
  • Keep the international Department informed of your whereabouts and well-being.

Health Tips

  • Obtain in advance and maintain appropriate medical insurance.
  • Take care of your teeth and skin – they may suffer from climate changes.
  • Don’t drink tap water unless it is boiled.
  • Wash fruit and vegetables carefully.

Safety in the Street

St. Petersburg is neither safer nor more dangerous than any other large city in the world. There is admittedly a higher than average risk of icicles falling off high buildings during the spring thaw.

Unfortunately no city in the world is immune from criminality. Smaller towns may be considered slightly safer. Here are some safety tips which we recommend everyone to follow, and which equally apply to any city.

In most cases safety is just a question of common sense:

  • Try not to draw attention to yourself when going our late at night i.e. don’t talk loudly in English or flash money/valuables around.
  • TAXI
  • Smaller streets can be badly lit, so try and keep to the main streets, if possible, when it’s dark.
  • If you go out for the evening, stay in a group, and plan it so that you accompany each other home.
  • Avoid carrying with you more cash than you need – a precaution against pick-pocketers.
  • People of dark skin tones can be more than others stopped by police for ID checks.

Your health and safety depend on your everyday decisions.

In case of Emergency

Firefighting services01
Gas services04
Rescue services (dialing from cell phones only)112
Regional rescue service, SPb and Leningrad region (24 hours)380 3119
Accidents Registration Office579 0055
Police for foreign citizens764 9787
Traffic police (Duty officer)234 2646