250 years since creation of Russian Issuing bank

On 29th of December 1768 Empress Catherine II published a manifest on creation of two Issuing banks: in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Already on the 16th of January 1769 the first Issue Bank Board meeting happened in Saint-Petersburg .

In XVIII century Russian Empire conducted active warfare. Then metal money and silver coins were used then. Procedure was inconvenient and treasury had a lack of silver, so the solution was to introduce a turnover of paper money instead–or in other words assignations.

The construction of Issuing Bank Building started by Catherine the Great decree dated the 8th of August 1782 and headed by young Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi.

The placement was chosen between Sadovaya street and Catherin canal on the former sea market location which had burned previously.

Head office took place in 3 floored building in the middle of green garden faced to Sadovaya street. The Corinthian Order six columns Portico decorated the front elevation. One floor galleries connected main building with depositary building on the both sides Later the galleries were built over and had windows installed in for the all-year usage. 

Issue Bank Board relocation procedure finished 1794.

1817 monumental arcade fence projected by Luigi Rusca was built on the side where canal Griboedova is now, - then it was called the Catherine Canal, after the Empress Catherine the Great.

1826 a Pedestrian suspension bridge on the project of German engineer Wilhelm von Traitteur was thrown over the Canal. Bank bridge complemented architectural complex.

Until year 1817 assignations printing production was in the building., but year 1843 it was closed on the base of non-necessity, because Russian monetary reform 1839—1843 led to new form of paper-money – credit notes.

Year 1849 the State Russian Bank started its work in the building which continued until Revolution.

On the 3rd of June 1930 the Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics (LFEI) opened in the walls of former Bank. Later it grew into Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, well-known as FINEC.  Expansion turned FINEC into UNECON - Saint Petersburg State University of Economics as we know it today.

Year 1967 in the University garden on the side of Sadovaya street was installed the monument to the distinguished architect, author of more than 30 masterpiece establishments in Saint-Petersburg - Giacomo Quarenghi. Sculpture was designed by Mikhail Maysel and Levon Lazarev.

Nowadays we at UNECON are taking care about continuity of generations and our heritage.

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