Alumni France Unecon: Russian-French Programs Graduate&Student Community

Alumni France Unecon invites to participate.

Alumni France Unecon was created in Spring 2019 by joint initiative of Council General of France – Hughes De Chavagnac, Unecon Top-management and Partner Universities in France.
Alumni France Unecon is:

  • A like-minded community of established and succeeding professionals in the area of Economics and Management united by common international studying experience at Unecon double degree programs peformed with such Universities as Université Paris-Dauphine; Université Grenoble Alpe; Université d'Angers.
  • Platform for open discussions, ideas and opinion exchage, transfer of best practices and share of experience
  • Environment and resources for co-joint projects creation and their implementation



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21, Sadovaya street,
191023 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Department of International Cooperation
+7 812 7105644