Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics invites you to participate in THE XI INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE “ARCHITECTURE OF FINANCE: “THE NEXT NORMAL CHALLENGE”, March, 22-26, 2021.

Traditional patterns of the financial industry are undergoing global changes in the face of total uncertainty. The era of inertial development is definitely over. The COVID-19 pandemic has become an unprecedented trigger for the fundamental transformation of financial technologies, and stage of the “Next Normal” requires new approaches to economic development.

Global financial system has revealed its stability and resilience in the face of a sharp drop in oil prices and massive lockdowns during the pandemic. What could it provide in the “Next Normality” of the twenty-first century? Will it be possible for economic entities to get accessible financial resources for a new start, transform cash flows and use new financial instruments? What modern solutions will come, for example, to the securities market, and what - to the pension system?

In 2021, as part of the annual, 11-th International Conference “Architecture of Finance”, panel sessions and free scientific and practical discussions, as well as round tables, will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of Russian financial system, its contradictions and ways to manage them, as well as on international experience in overcoming shocks and stimulating economic growth.

Over the past ten years, the Conference has established itself as a platform for the effective interaction, sharing experience, development of new tactical and strategic solutions by scientific and professional communities, providing national economic growth in a global environment.

The Conference Goal: to present an objective vision of the future of global and Russian finance; to offer financial approaches that ensure economic growth; to test non-trivial ideas for strengthening Russia's financial potential.

The list of participants: The Conference traditionally gathers leading scientists and experts from Russian and foreign universities, analytical centers, officials from federal financial authorities, as well as regional governments, foreign government agencies, Russian and foreign banks, insurance, investment, appraisal, venture companies and non-financial corporations.

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