Can the world still afford green energy transition?

On 27 May Unecon and 50Hertz hold International Online Seminar “Can the world still afford green energy transition?” that was the first event of the preparatory discussions towards Energetika 21 conference. The conference itself is still planned to be held in St. Petersburg on 25-27 November 2020.

Ralf Dickel, Oxford Institute of Energy Studies reported on perspectives of Blue hydrogen in Germany. Due to high demand there is lack of renewable power for generation of green hydrogen and thus even visionary assumptions show that substantial volumes of green H2 are not realistic soon. Blue hydrogen is crucial to pave the way for green hydrogen by early market development.

Andy Calitz, FutureEnergy, gave full and picturesque analysis of Chinese energy system and country’s efforts for decarbonisation in spite heavy energy dependence.

The Seminar provided platform for discussion in open academic atmosphere with the insights of representatives of energy companies as well as national and international research organizations and universities. Though it was a pilot attempt to gather friends of Energetika 21 conference online, the event attracted over 50 participants.


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