The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) at Unecon.

Delegation from The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) visited Unecon October, 25.

Director of the Centre for China and Asia-Pacific Region Studies at Unecon – Tatiana Urzhumtseva received a delegation. She told about the Centre activities directed to improve Russian and Chinese collaboration in the fields of Education, Science and Culture. She announced upcoming conferencies, congresses and events and suggested the following propositions:

1) Providing to Unecon scientific topics, which China has an interest in, for further research by students of Unecon (both Russian and Chinese students);

2) Unecon expert participation in publications dedicated to China Economy matters, as well as co-joint composition of Economic Terms and Principals Glossary in Chinese language for students.

Head of International Economics Research Department Dr. Pr. Sofia Record presented the overview on trending research topics, the department is currently working on. Chinese theme takes a special place among them: Internationalization of Yuan and Ruble, Eurasian Economic Union consolidation in the frameworks of the project «One-Belt-One Way», Cooperation between Russia and China in the Arctic Region, Potentials for Economic Growth though Application of Chinese Experience etc.

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