Decarbonization of Transport in the Northern Dimension Countries

On 23 June the second seminar Energetika 21 On Air took place online. The topic of the seminar was “Decarbonization of Transport in the Northern Dimension Countries”. The co-organizer of the event was Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics.

Unecon as one of co-coordinators of Northern Dimension Institute is working closely with all ND partnerships but with NDPTL especially due to our expertise in Energy Economics. Right now we are working on series of reports on decarbonization of transport in the region.

Two brilliant speakers presented Norwegian and Russian cases. Vasiliy Zinin from Gazprom represented Russian approach towards hydrogen for transportation while Trond Strømgren from Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster shared Norwegian view on hydrogen in maritime sector.

Oddgeir Danielsen gave nice discussion remarks about importance of interconnection of policies and technologies in Northern Dimension countries that led to lively discussion.

Seminars will continue after Summer break in September and October. If pandemic would allow Unecon will host offline Energetika 21 conference in St. Petersburg on 25-27 November.

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