«ENERGETIKA XXI: Economy, Policy, Ecology»

    The 12th Science & Research Conference «ENERGETIKA XXI: Economy, Policy, Ecology» under the auspices of PJSC «GAZPROM» was held at the Marriot Courtyard Hotel on November 13-15. «ENERGETIKA XXI» was founded year 2007 by initiative of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Management Committee, PJSC «Gazprom» - Alexey Miller. And under the 12 years of the event performance it become one of the leading non-commercial conferences in the field of economics and energy in Russia and Europe.
One of the key advantages - is a possibility for an open politics-free international discussion on the latest trends in energy sector development worldwide and in Russia at particular.

Conference implementation involves «triple helix» model - participation of science, business and government representatives in order to reach higher efficiency. Famous experts including speakers from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, the International Energy Agency, the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) etc. Year 2019 one of the working sessions was held together with the ENERPO Research Center of the European University at Saint Petersburg


In 2019 topic was «Global energy potentials and geopolitical risks». – Highly actual to perceive an energy market fundamental changes processes and its development scenarios with taking into the consideration innovation technologies. From their application depends not only decarbonization success but also world’s economy sustainable development.
Meanwhile some countries choose the «Green way», its implementation success depends, first of all, on right steps taken in the energy sphere.

Plenary session contained various presentations. Modern trends in gas market development were presented by speakers: Alexey Semenov – PJSC «Gazprom» and James Henderson - Oxford institute for energy studies (which was represented by OIES research officer – Vitaliy Ermakov). Extensive analysis for gas price behavior were presented by Sergey Komlev -  LLC «Gazprom Export». «Threats and Opportunities of Decarbonization process in the frameworks of the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change» were presented by prof. Manfred Hafner – Johns Hopkins University. China input to the processes above was presented by the director of Tsinghua University Ecology Institute – prof. Du Pengfei.

In the conference frameworks four round tables were organized: Decarbonization (including hydrogen generation from natural gas); Russian gas export through Ukraine, Energy markets macro trends; financing of Decarbonization&Sustainable development.
At the conclusive day of the conference were open discussions. The one dedicated to Ukraine gas transportation system with a participation of Yuri Zautsev raised a high interest. The speaker is an independent expert with a background as a former top-manager in LLC «Gazexport» (LLC «Gazprom Export» nowardays).

A special attention deserves the Young scientists round table, the results of which were presented at the conclusive day of the Conference. PhD and master students of the following Higher education institutions took part in it: UNECON, European University in Saint-Petersburg, National University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin University", MGIMO University, HSE, Bielefeld and Brandenburg Technological Universities. Young research officers from « NIIgazekonomika », LLC «Gazprom Export», LLC «Gazprom VNIIGAZ», and from several Chinese universities also participated in the Young scientists round table

A number of greetings to the conference were recieved: among them was one from Elena Burmistrova – Director General of LLC «Gazprom Export». She highlighted that, - «necessary effective solutions should not be based on some political intentions consequences but should be only produced by cooperation with scientific and business societies. Within the statement, it is remarkable that «ENERGETIKA XXI» opens doors for young specialists to professional society. They receive a possibility to bring into the discussion new ideas, approaches and breakthrough solutions»

The Conference also includes two seminars abroad before and after the core event. The first one was held in Berlin in April, 2019 on the platform of the 50Hertz Company and with the support of the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) (http://en.unecon.ru/page/international-scientific-seminar-approaches-meet-goals-paris-agreement).
The conclusive seminar due to “Ongoing Research on Decarbonization and Hydrogen in Nordic and Baltic States” was held in Copenhagen on the platform of The Nordic Council of Ministers and with support of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (http://en.unecon.ru/research/conferences). 

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