The famous Bank Bridge is back

The Opening ceremony of the Bank bridge after complete restoration was June 19 with participation of the Acting Governor of Saint-Petersburg Alexander Beglov, Chairman of North-West Branch of PJSC “Sberbank” Viktor Ventimilla Alonso and a Rector of UNECON Igor Maksimtsev.

After the speeches of TOP-officials was the Bridge opening ceremony with participation of UNECON students.

While the press scrum, the Unecon Rector admitted that Bank bridge is an integral part of University life. – «It is our symbol, here students take pictures after graduation, herefrom students and employees left to the II World War while the Siege of Leningrad. Griffins secure our university, and we are giving back them our sincere love. Today is one of the brightest and most important days in the history of our University. »

Note:  Bank Bridge over the canal Griboedova is a part of architectural complex of former Bank of Issue of Russian Empire. Now it is a UNECONs location.  The bridge, decorated by four lions with huge wings, was built on the project of German engineer Wilhelm von Traitteur. These animals appeared on a purpose. Griffins are guardians of the gold in the ancient Greek mythology and they were installed to watch the gold bars in the government treasury, which was in the strongroom on the 2nd floor of the Bank.

Key features

  • Length – 28 meters;
  • Width from rail to rail– 1 meter;
  • For pedestrians only;
  • Not a drawbridge.

Griffins bring a good luck to students. In order to pass exams successfully student has to ask the lion about it and rub its paw.

In the beginning of 2017 the Griffins were taken to the restoration. It was a first complex restoration under two centuries. The lions got their original looks back, which were slightly changed in 1950s. Then they had been colored into green, however their true color is black. The lamps shape is also returned to the historical origin.  

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