Glory of UNECON mathematicians

There is a saying which states; Maths is the queen of all the sciences. In the modern world of digitalization, maths is everywhere, and economics is not an exception. There is a huge growing demand for professionals driven by a transition to the digital format. Economic tasks include the ones related to modelling, analysis of huge data etc. This and complexity of study process make this sphere upmarket.

Mathematic modelling is represented at UNECON by the school of applied mathematics and economic and mathematical methods. Being challenging and specific the science needs professionals and, what is even more important, enthusiasts willing to dedicate their lives to it. No surprise that selection process is quite tough and only well-prepared might be short-listed for the course

We do our utmost to show our students that working in the field of mathematics is both fashionable and modern. We do not motivate students to attend lessons, but we do encourage them to study », - Grigory Fridman, head of the School of applied mathematics and economic and mathematical methods. - «Besides, the band score of the Unified State Exam grows every year, which means that there are more and more talented students entering the University.

All of the mentioned above has been fully proven by a glorious victory of our students at one of the most prestigious Olympiads on Mathematics. For the first time in the whole history of the Olympiad, representatives of the same University became the winners. Students of the faculty of Economics and Finance Andrey Strokov, Irina Kichkiruk, Maksim Bulygin got three out of four Golds in the “Economics and Management” profile. Students of the by the school of applied mathematics and economic and mathematical methods Aleksey Tsyplov, Tatiana Drozdova, and Vladislava Pukhkalo got all the tops in the Specialized profile

Besides University studies, all the winners are members of a Club for solving Olympiad tasks, which was established by the School and is led by Yan Voitishek.

Tasks given in the Club are a great chance to take your mind off traditional solutions and think in a different direction

Tatiana Drozdova


Tasks given in the club engage by their specific. These tasks cannot be usually solved using standard methods. So we learn to think differently and to sick and find hidden solutions.

Aleksey Tsyplov


Future professionals have also shared with us why mathematics seems so attractive to them and what makes this course unique at UNECON.

Applied Mathematics is a universal science. We study different disciplines related to Mathematics and all of them could be applied in any sphere.

Tatiana Drozdova

Disciplines we study rare incredibly beautiful and useful. There is everything for those who consider that mathematics is not something to be left behind after school. Yet, the main advantage of the course are the professors we learn from. Mr Fridman managed to make the school at UNECON strong.

Andrey Strokov

We study different spheres of economics, mathematics, and programming. It is difficult, but it is worth it. Having such a degree you can work anywhere in the future.

Vladislava Pukhkalo


Ability to work with data is highly-assessed in the modern world. This is the reason why those who get their degree at the interface of two sciences can find a job in any sphere The School alumni easily get jobs at in the biggest companies: Gazprom, Yandex, group etc.

These days professionals of two sciences – mathematics and economics are highly demanded, so I realise what I want to do in the future. Data science is the most interesting and attractive sphere for me at the moment.

Maksim Bulygin


Our course gives a lot of opportunities for professional development and it is hard to choose one. I will possibly go for the data analysis or optimization tasks solving, or computer-assisted teaching.

Vladislava Phukhkalo

It would be brilliant if I could continue as a lecturer at the School and to work on the relative scientific projects.

Aleksey Tsyplov


Congratulations to the winners!!!


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