International Student Academic Olympics «Economics and Management»

To improve quality of specialist trainings, develop science cooperation with Russian and universities abroad will be a Student Academic Olympics «Economics and Management» from October 28 to November 2, 2019.

Student Academic Olympics will be in the following majors:  

09.03.02 – «Information systems and technologies»;

38.03.01, 38.04.01 – «Economics»;

38.03.02 – «Management»;

38.03.05 – «Business - information science (IS)»;

43.03.01 – «Service science»;

43.03.02 – «Tourism»;

43.03.03 – « Hotel industry»;

27.03.02 – «Quality control management »;

40.03.01, 40.04.01 – «Jurisprudence».

In the frameworks of International Student Academic Olympics it will be workshops:

  • Information systems and technologies in economics (Russian language)
  • Transformation of Logistic and Supply Chain Management in digital economy (Russian language)
  • Marketing (Russian language)
  • Management in the field of tourism, hospitality and exhibition activities (English& Russian language)
  • International entrepreneurship (English language)
  • International Economics (English language)
  • innovation economics and environmental management (Russian language)
  • Professional communication in Russian as a foreign language (Russian as a foreign language)
  • Project management (Russian language)
  • Accounting and Audit (English language)
  • Finance and credit (Russian language)
  • Economics and Start-ups (Russian language)
  • Economy of Russia (Russian language)
  • Legal regulation of taxation under the conditions of economic affairs digitalization economic affairs conditions (Russian language)


  • Students must be followed by supervisor
  • Max 5 students from one University at each workshop.
  • registration fee per participant– 2 500 rub.

Supervisor is free of charge


Registration for participation is opened until October 18, 2019 on the following link:  


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