The new project of UNECON will be funded

The Nordic Council of Ministers announced that Unecon project application is among of 22 co-operation projects in the Baltic Sea region and Northwest Russia that will be funded.

The project name is “Discovering a Youth Perspective through Activism and Leadership: Insights from Northwest Russia and the Nordic countries”. The partners are Åbo Akademi University, University of Gävle, Nord University (Bodo), University of Pskov, Baltic Federal University and us. The partners address the challenge of increasing youth empowerment through activism and leadership.

Unecon has its own tradition of volunteers training: since 2011 we have been training people for Olympic Games, FIFA World and ConFed Cups, EUFA European Championship 2020 and numerous political and economic events.

Contact information

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191023 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

Department of International Cooperation
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