Professor from Switzerland lectures at UNECON

UNECON hosted a course of lectures 'Overview about the different types of legal entities in Germany and Switzerland with focus on set up, scope of use and tax' delivered by professor Jörg Wilhelm, lecturer at MAB International Business School.

CBSS Summer University 2021 - “Changing Energy Landscape: the EU-Russia Energy Relations”

Summer University Program, supported by DAAD, was held at UNECON on 16-30 August 2021.

The Virtual Academy 2021 educational program is ending

The first educational part of Energy Challenge 2021, the Virtual Academy (VA), is almost completed. The last webinar of the third educational module has just finished, but the participants still have two weeks for finishing their individual final challenge.

International Scientific and Practical Symposium "Marketing at gunpoint: education, science, nuture, business"

The International Scientific and Practical Symposium, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Department of Marketing.

UNECON hosted the high level International Symposium on Post-COVID Era of World Economy

The International Symposium “Post-COVID Era of World Economy: Imagine and Redesign” was held online on February 9-10, 2021 at UNECON.

The XIII International Scientific Conference «ENERGETIKA 21: Economy, Policy, Ecology»

On 25-27 November 2020 the XIII International Scientific Conference was held online at UNECON.

The section 'World Economy' in the framework of annual International Students Olympiad (ISO-2020)

This year we are glad to express our congratulations to 13 students of six universities who competed in the section 'World Economy'.

The meeting of Russian association of business-education (RABE)

On 22 September 2020 Russian association of business-education (RABE) hold its annual reporting and election meeting. This year the meeting was hold online.

UNECON Experts at St. Petersburg Congress of Industrialists

On September 17-19, St. Petersburg technical fair took place at Convention and Exhibition Centre «EXPOFORUM». Among the other events, there took place a St. Petersburg congress of Industrialists «Industry after pandemic: challenges and solutions» ​.

UNECON students presented analytical results to BVMW Association

On September 10, there was a Conference with the representatives on the International Expert Committee on small and medium-sized business based at UNECON (hereinafter - International Committee). 

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