«Universities collaboration: The Balkans and The Middle East»: our participation

Unecon delegation with Igor Maksimtsev took park in international workshop «Universities collaboration: The Balkans and The Middle East»:

Grand Opening of a new German language classroom

The Grand Opening Ceremony of a new classroom for German language studies and German-area cultures studies was at Unecon Humanitarian Faculty on September, 19.

UNECON celebrated Chile’s Independence Day

Currently living in Saint-Petersburg Chileans together with students, associates and school pupils: all those who have interest in Spanish language and Latin America participated in the event on September, 18.

Twenty-third session of the UNWTO General Assembly

Twenty-third session of the UNWTO General Assembly with participation of Unecon Vice-rector on Social Work Sergey Grishin was in Saint-Petersburg, September 9-13, 2019.

Delegation from Shaanxi, China

Unecon hosted a delegation from Shaanxi – a province in Northwest China, on September 16.

III Unecon International Advisory Board meeting

The III Unecon International Advisory Board meeting was September, 12. Unecon Top management together with international experts discussed University strategical development programs, techniques of raising brand awareness among local and international employers and approaches to increase percent of foreign students.

Cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Signing of an agreement between Unecon and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Anhalt) was September 12, 2019.  

70 years of Diplomatic relationships with China

Unecon Centre for China and Asia-Pacific Region Studies celebrated 70 years since establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia.

XVIII Forum «Petersburger Dialog»: our participation

Unecon delegation headed by Igor Maksimtsev participated in the XVIII Forum «Petersburger Dialog» in Bohn, Germany, July 18-19.

Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights Protection

In the frameworks of Unecon cooperation with North Western Customs Directorate (SZTU) of The Russian Federal Customs Service was an international applied science conference dedicated to Intellectual Property Rights Protection and counteractions against import and turnover of counterfeit goods.

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