Online conference with International Universities

On April, 8 UNECON took place in the online conference dedicated to the cooperative efforts at struggle with COVID-19. The conference was organised by the Beijing University of International Business and Economics.

Representatives of 18 Universities from Australia, Austriam France, Greece, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, and Great Britain shared their experience of adapting the new reality and expressed their hope to foster the international cooperation. As it was mentioned by Ся Вэньбин, the rector of the Beijing University of International Business and Economics, the more hardships the world is to face the more essential it is for people to cooperate.

Tatiana Urzhumtseva, director of the Centre of Chinese and APR studies, highlighted that we accepted the challenge and continue the educational process at the same academic level. Health and well-being of our students is the first priority, which means that all the possible steps to prevent the virus from getting spread have been taken, and we would be happy to share our experience with the partners, to provide all the required assistance, and would be glad to accept it vice versa

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