Professor from Switzerland lectures at UNECON

October 4-8, UNECON hosted a course of lectures 'Overview about the different types of legal entities in Germany and Switzerland with focus on set up, scope of use and tax' delivered by professor Jörg Wilhelm, lecturer at MAB International Business School (St. Gallen, Switzerland, since 2007), professor of International Commercial Law at the SRH University Berlin - International University of Management, Lawyer and President of Supervisory Board of WILHELM TRUSTED ADVISORS Rechtsanwälte AG.

The first lecture was opened by Vladimir N. Komarov, Director of Educational Centre of Applied Law,  who greeted the lecturer and wished fruitful collaboration to all the participants.

Besides lecturing, prof. Jörg Wilhelm had a meeting with the Rector, Igor A. Maksimtsev during his visit to UNECON, where he agreed to take part in the Summer school programmes offered by the University and to visit the University again with a new course of lectures.

Prof. Jörg Wilhelm was complimented on the course offered by the participants.

Milena Zhikh mentioned:

As I am planing to work in the area of corporate and financial law, the information I gained during the lectures is going to be really helpful for me in my career.

Nikita Dunaev said:

Prof. Jörg Wilhelm is an open-minded and a committed person, who did his utmost to deliver the material in the way that it was clear to all the participants. The topics we discussed were related to Civil and International Private law. I'm convinced they are going to be really useful for students who study these subjects.

The course of lectures was organized and prepared by the Educational Centre of Applied Law, Faculty of Law and International Department, UNECON.


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