Seminar with Japanese Universities

International Seminar «Global and Local Focus on Business and Services in Changing Economy» with participation of Japanese-Partner Universities: Toyama University и Kanagawa University was at Unecon October, 23. The third Japanese University – Kyshyu Sangyo University was presented by professor, who visited Unecon and Russia at the first time. Event was held in English without translation.

Participants listened to two presentations from Unecon International Economics Research Department and two presentations from Japanese side:


Opening remarks: Dr. Olga Bobrova (St.-Petersburg State University of Economics)

· Prof. Nakahara Yumiko  (Kyushu Sangyo University) «Taiwanese Companies in 21st Century: In the Change of International Economy»

· Prof. Yokogawa Kazuho (Kanagawa University) «Regional Public Service Provision and Civil Society in Russia — An Analysis from Japanese Viewpoint»

· Prof. Sofia Rekord (St.-Petersburg State University of Economics) «Bigger Eurasia as a Focus for Collaborative Research»

· Associate Prof. Vadim Panin (St.-Petersburg State University of Economics) «Changing Economy of Russia — Advantages for Cooperation and Investment: Asian Vector» 

Closing remarks: Prof. Horie Norio (Center for Far Eastern Studies, University of Toyama).

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